About us


About EagleTech

EagleTech Academy is a modern training institute which is focused on providing practical learning experiences. Our specialized professionals strive to expose students to on-the-job conditions, so they can understand the difficulties they may face and have the necessary experience to be able to resolve them. We provide complete efficiency in a range of courses that have huge potential presently and also in the future. Our expert teaching will help the students secure their future and land jobs in their respective fields.

  • Learn from industry experts
  • Undertake industry tailored course modules
  • Gain hands-on experience on live projects
  • Achieve 100% proficiency
  • Guaranteed job placement on completion

Why Us?

We believe practical knowledge is more essential than theoretical learning to get the desired job. So, we encourage students to apply their theoretical skills to solve the practical problems that help them earn professional experience.

  • Practical training courses guided by industry experts
  • Participation in live projects for getting real experiences
  • High-demanding technical and computer courses
  • Certificate of excellence for all candidates
  • Industry-relevant curriculum
  • Precise theatrical classes
  • Advanced practical skill learning training
  • Highly equipped computer lab
  • Guaranteed job placements

Admission Process

We have limited seats to offer. To ensure that all creative minds get expert guidance on different training courses, we will conduct an entrance test. To encourage the excellent skills of students, we decide to give special discounts to high scorers.


Selection Methods

Candidates will be selected based on their scores of the entrance test as well as their performance in a group discussion monitored by our qualified faculties.


Learn To Lead

EagleTech Academy is not just a computer training center where students learn theoretical and practical skills. It is a place where students are guided comprehensively to lead the competition.

We have divided our teaching techniques into two essential parts so that students can adopt skills, steps by steps.

  • Knowledge Area
  • Professional Attribute


Knowledge Area:

This part is completely dedicated to theoretical and practical learning skills. Students will learn their subjects, they will implement their problem-solving skills, and they will get experience while working on the live-projects.

But we aim to make our students a leader who can invent things, who can imagine bigger, who can turn dreams real. Professional Attribute section takes care of all those factors that help employees set a strong footmark in their chosen area.

Why Do You Learn Professional Attributes?

Professional attributes complement your knowledge. To handle corporate pressure and to make an identity in this strict competition, every student should learn professional attributes.

We believe without professional attributes students will not be able to justify their learning ability, their experience, and their expertise.

We researched the field and found out many shortcomings when it comes to professional behavior.

  • Employees are failed to communicate clearly for conveying their thoughts.
  • They are not able to meet deadlines because they do not know how to handle job pressure.
  • They are not aware of work ethic which puts them in so many problems.
  • They are not flexible enough for adopting an instant change.
  • They are impatient to solve an obstacle.
  • They ignore the value of working in a team.


We make sure that students of EagleTech Academy become 100% efficient in their professional fields. We help them learn skills a professional leader has. We focus on a few important factors, including:

  • We help students communicate efficiently in any medium.
  • They will also learn how to handle job pressure.
  • They will be aware of the importance of work ethic, such as being on time, meeting targets and more.
  • They will develop some essential skills like determination and persistence that are important for inventing an idea and for solving any obstacle.
  • They will also learn to work in a team, help others, and meet a set goal.
  • They will always be encouraged to learn something new to extend their knowledge base


EagleTech Academy is a place where students can learn important professional skills along with technical knowledge. Visit our website to learn about our registration process.

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